Fellowship Baptist Church

Building People's Lives By the Word of God

Calvary Christian School

Providing Quality Christian Education - K4 - 12th Grade


K4 - 8:30am - 12:30pm

K5 - 8:30am - 3:15pm

1st - 12th grades - 8:30am - 3:30pm

(Students may arrive as early as 8:00am)


Our faculty and staff share their knowledge of subject matter with young people every day, but more importantly, they serve as godly examples, sharing with students the importance of serving God.

  • Administration
    • Pastor Glenn Stevenson - Pastor
      Pastor Glenn Stevenson has served as pastor of Fellowship Baptist Church and president of Calvary Christian School for the last sixteen years.  In addition to his administrative role, Pastor Stevenson also teaches Bible to the High School.  He has a Bachelors of Arts degree in Church Administration and has served in ministry for thirty-four years.

    • Mr. David West - Principal/Administrator
      Mr. West functions as the school principal and also enjoys the privilege of teaching several classes.   These subjects include a math class, music, instrumental lessons, and choir.  Additionally, Mr. West oversees the Fine Arts program and school programs.  He earned his Bachelors in Music from Bob Jones University and his Masters in Music from Pensacola Christian College.  His hobbies include technology, musical instruments, and writing music.  He has served in the ministries of Fellowship Baptist Church as Minister of Music and Calvary Christian School for almost thirty years.

  • Elementary (K4-6th)
    • Miss Rebekah Manka - Kindergarten
      Miss Rebekah Manka has taught at CCS for the last 13 years.  After teaching the 3rd-4th grades for four years, she transitioned into Kindergarten where she has taught for the last nine years.  In addition to teaching, she enjoys cooking and reading nonfiction and children's literature.  She obtained her Bachelors of Science from Bob Jones University in Elementary Education.

    • Miss Sandy Summers - First, Second, and Third Grade and CCS Secretary
      Miss Sandy Summers brings to the classroom much experience.  She has taught in both the elementary and high school and served as the school's secretary for nearly thirty years.  Her hobbies include reading and photography.  She pursued an education specializing in early childhood education from Bob Jones University.

    • Mrs. Renee Manka - Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Grade
      Mrs. Manga relishes the chance to teach the 4th through 6th grades at CCS.  In her last twenty-one years of teaching, she has taught subjects ranging from Geometry, Algebra, and Advanced Math to teaching in the Elementary.  She also contributes greatly to Calvary Christian's music program as the primary pianist.  Her hobbies include quilting and reading historical nonfiction.  She obtained her Bachelors of Science from Bob Jones University in Math where she also received the Advanced Math Award.

  • Secondary (7th-12th)
    • Mrs. Phyllis Stevenson - English, Health, and Spanish
      Mrs. Stevenson has served at Calvary Christian School for sixteen years.  Mrs Stevenson is a registered nurse and worked in the ICU before teaching in a multi-handicapped classroom in the public school.  While at Calvary Christian School she has taught Health, High School and Elementary English, and the Sr. High girls Bible class.  As the Pastor's wife, she enjoys serving in the local church.  She also enjoys cooking, gardening, and being a wife and mother.

    • Mr. Dan Manka - Science and History
      Calvary Christian School has been privileged to have Mr. Daniel Manka on staff for nearly thirty years.  He holds a Bachelors of Science in Secondary education specializing in the Earth and Space Sciences from Clarion State College.  Prior to coming to CCS, Mr. Manka taught astronomy at a planetarium before transitioning into teaching science in a traditional classroom setting.  In addition to his Bachelors, Mr. Manka pursued training in planetarium management at Westchester State College, and Bible at Bob Jones University.  Daniel Manka enjoys collecting historical flags and instruments.  During the summer recess, he and his family travel ministering to adults and children.

    • Mr. David West - Math and Algebra I & II, Geometry, Computer, Music, and Journalism

    • Pastor Glenn Stevenson - High School Bible

    • Mrs. Gina West -  Library
      Mrs. West has served as the librarian for CCS for almost thirty years.  In previous years she has taught the High School girls physical education class.


Leadership Opportunities

Preparing students academically is just the beginning of the preparation CCS students receive.  Here are a few opportunities available for our students in preparing for the place of God's service for them.

  • Student Council

Each year class officers are chosen from each homeroom.  They are selected to be the spiritual leaders of the student body.  Their peers elect them and decide which office they should hold such as President, Secretary, and two Representatives of each class.  The student council helps organize the annual Christmas Party, Spirit Week, CCS Banquet, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, and other school activities.

  • Nursing Home Visitation

Each third Thursday of the month, the upper level students are divided into two groups and sent to the Arbors and Wishing Well Nursing Homes.  The purpose of these visits is to plant God's Word in the resident's hearts.  The students take charge of the programs and encourage the elderly to participate in the service by singing familiar hymns.  Each program contains vocal and instrumental specials, testimonies and a challenge from God's Word.  Every year the students see the fruit of souls saved.

  • Student Chapels

At least once a month the students have an opportunity to preach, sing, and take testimonies in what we call student chapel.  Student Chapel is a mini church service lead by the students.  Students volunteer to preach, lead singing, sing specials, and take offerings during this special chapel time.  This has proven to be a great way for our students to minister to their classmates as well as to provide ministry experience for all.

  • Challenge Groups

Once a week CCS sets aside a pray time we call Challenge Groups. Our student body is divided into smaller groups of 5-6 students.  A student leader takes and shares prayer requests with his group and then calls on a few to pray.  We have found this valuable when urgent needs arise that need our prayers. 


Throughout the school year students are given a break from the regular school day routine.  These "special activities" are not just for fun but are designed to encourage students to develop leadership skills, team work, and good sportsmanship. 

  • Jr./Sr. Retreat

To start the year off on the right foot, we open the year with a two day retreat at Camp Wildwood in Kingwood, WV.  Students in the 7th-12th enjoy preaching, activities, and great food.  We use this opportunity to lay the ground work for the new school year.  Time is spent in orientation of school policies as well as teaching the importance of music standards and how to appeal to authority.   Nursing home groups are organized and student chapel speakers are selected.  Students also get a chance to participate in choir and sports practices.

  • CCS Day

CCS Day is a great opportunity for students to get to know one another.  Many activities are planned where an older student is paired with a younger student for each event.  CCS Days alternate between field activities, bowling, roller skating, and carnivals.  These events make great memories for every student.

  • Field Day

Field day is a special opportunity for the high school to be a real blessing and encouragement to the elementary students.  During field day the students compete in various activities such as the softball throw, fifty yard dash, and the running broad jump.  The field day activities give the children a chance burn off energy while showcasing their talents.

  • Spirit Week

Spirit Week is an exciting time for upper level students.  Each homeroom shows their spirit through competitions throughout the week.  All week students get to dress according to a different theme such as Crazy Day, Western Day, Occupation Day, etc. and are judged by the elementary for the best dressed.  Each homeroom chooses their own theme and creates a banner, skit and cheer based on their theme.  On Friday there is a special assembly of k-12th grade students to see which class has the most spirit and to be award the coveted Spirit Stick. The highlight of the week is a special banquet where students enjoy plenty of food, fun, and fellowship.  The banquet concludes with a message and the crowning of Mr. and Miss CCS.

  • Fine Arts

Fine Arts is a time set aside every year to allow the students to glorify God with their talents.  The students compete in various categories such as vocal, instrumental, piano, speech, preaching, testing as well as many other areas.  Several days are set aside for the "in house" competition in preparation for the state WVCEA Fine Arts Festival.  The winners of the state competetion qualify to represent our school and state at the national AACS competition.  Fine Arts is a wonderful opportunity for students at CCS to further their talents for God's service.

  • School Programs

Some of the most memorable events during the school year are the opportunities to participate in programs.  Students put a lot of time and effort into every program.  Not to long after the school year begins, students are preparing for the fall program. The fall program usually centers on a missions or Thanksgiving theme.  Immediately following, rehearsals begin for the Christmas program. In the Spring, the high school caps off the year with the annual Sacred Concert.  Combining the talents of the entire high school, students minister in this concert through drama, testimonies and song.

  • Band

Beginning in the 5th grade students are encouraged to choose a band instrument.  Through weekly lessons and daily practice students learn how to play their instruments skillfully.  Elementary band students look forward to joining the high school band where they are able to play more difficult pieces and be a part to the annual Sacred Concert.  Band students have the opportunity to use their talents individually or in smaller groups playing in chapel services or at the nursing home.  Students are also encouraged to use their talents in their local church services. 

  • Choir

Organized choir is available to every 7th-12th student.  Students learn how to read music, sing properly and harmonize with others.  The choir has many opportunities to minister throughout the year during many events.  From the choir, many other singing groups are formed as well as solos and ensembles.  Students enjoy the competing in these groups during Fine Arts.  Praise the Lord for the talents he has given to these young people.  

  • Sports

The students at CCS proudly bear the name "Cougars" as they compete against other Christian schools in three areas of sports. For our boys beginning in the sixth grade basketball and soccer are available.  Volleyball is available for girls beginning in the seventh grade.  Our seasons usually consist of 5 home games, 5 away games and one tournament.

Ten Reasons for Christian Education

  1. You are accountable to God for what your children are taught in school.
  2. Christian schools offer a better level of instruction.
  3. The Bible does not teach that children should be exposed to all kinds of sins.
  4. The Bible is the most important text book in Christian schools.
  5. The Christian school provides an opportunity for your child to witness for Christ.
  6. Christian school educators teach all subject matter from a Christian perspective.
  7. Christian school is an extension of the home and its values.
  8. The atheists have, for all practical purposes, taken over public education.
  9. Christian school teachers maintain discipline in the classroom and on the playground.
  10. Children are the gifts of the Lord.  Parents are responsible to train them according to His Word not only at home, and in church, but in school as well.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6