Types of Cleaning Services


Day Porter Cleaning Services

Day Porters provides an invaluable service to facility managers and business owners by keeping your facility clean and disinfected in times of uncertainty. They also provide your customers, visitors, and employees with visibility that the space they are in is safe and disinfected. If your company has employees or customers entering your facility, disinfection services by day porters are highly recommended.

They perform a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance of the public areas within your company, usually including inspecting, general cleaning, disinfecting common areas, litter cleaning, mopping, and polishing floors, as well as professional window cleaning service for example.

Concierge Cleaning Services

If you’re looking for a cleaning service your business requires personal assistance, household management, housekeeping, and general cleaning services, as well as other tasks, at any time of day or night, a concierge cleaning service might be what you need.

Concierge experts ensure that the most important parts of your office are in good condition and facilitates a work environment in which you feel comfortable. Whether you are a small manufacturer or multinational company a concierge cleaning service might be the way to go.

Green Cleaning Services

As sustainable cleaning companies go, they ensure sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning for the health and safety of your employees and customers. By using only organic cleaning supplies, they help make your office a fresh, clean, and hypoallergenic space that your employees deserve and enjoy working in. 2MRr-tonbr
Green cleaning services improve the health conditions of your office and increase the productivity of your employees by giving them peace of mind that non-toxic cleaning products are being used within their work environment.

Carpet Cleaning, Floors, and Upholstery

Ensure the appearance and cleanliness of your floors through high-quality floor cleaning and wax sealing. Try cleaning the carpets, waiting rooms, and common areas of your office at least every 3-4 months. Commercial floor products, accessories, and appliances from wax floors to our innovative floor cleaning techniques are available.

By paying close attention to your floors, you’ll rejuvenate them no matter if they require steam cleaning, stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning, deep disinfection cleaning, high-pressure cleaning, or emergency cleaning.

If your floors need cleaning then your upholstered furniture does too. When cleaning your upholstered furniture this should include vacuuming underneath the cushions as well. Spot cleaning your upholstery is essential. As stains become visible you should do your best to keep it looking in good condition. You may need to have your upholstered furniture cleaned once, if not twice a year, or as needed.

Windows, Walls, and other High Places

Cleaning your windows on the inside as well as the outside can be a daunting task for a standalone janitor, especially if they’re high up. However, windows let in natural light into the office and building, and by doing so it can also save on the power bill. And keeping the glass clean from dirt and debris protects the glass from damage and it’s essential for a professional look for window cleaning. 2mRnb

Ceilings, ceiling and light fixtures, chandelier pieces, and recessed lighting fixtures might not be something you thought about initially, but they both should be cleaned as well. The fixtures don’t need to be removed, but instead, by using a long-handled dust feather the job can be done quite effectively.

Ducts and walls are high up, but they get dirty as well. Sometimes the ducts can include furnaces, attics, basements, crawl spaces, and HVAC units, while walls simply require a high-reaching duster. However, every room and its interior and exteriors should be periodically cleaned, which may also protect from potential mold.